Experience an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day in Donostia with abba San Sebastián


Are you looking for the perfect setting for a Valentine’s Day full of romance in Donostia? Look no further, abba San Sebastián is the ideal place. Discover the most romantic spots and enjoy a unique experience with your loved one in this city full of charm.
La Concha Beach
  • Start your romantic day at La Concha Beach, where the gentle sea breeze and the panoramic view create a magical atmosphere. Take a stroll along the beach, feel the sand under your feet and enjoy the beauty of the bay with your partner.
The Old Town (Parte Vieja)
  • Delve into the charm of Donostia’s Old Town, also known as the Parte Vieja (Old Part). Its narrow cobblestone streets, lively squares and quaint bars create a cosy and romantic atmosphere. Discover together the secrets of this historic place and let yourself be carried away by its magic.
The Wind Comb
  • Experience the majesty of the Wind Comb, a sculptural masterpiece facing the sea. This iconic spot offers a unique setting to enjoy the company of your loved one as the waves break against the rocks, creating an unforgettable landscape. The Wind Comb has a romantic legend associated with it. Legend has it that the Wind Comb is a magical place where lovers can seal their love. It is said that if two people kiss under the Wind Comb, their love will be eternal.
  • Legend has it that when the wind blows hard, the waves hit the rocks and make the Wind Comb sound. This sound is the song of lovers, and is a sign that their love is true.
Mount Urgull
  • Elevate your romance by exploring Mount Urgull together. With scenic trails and spectacular viewpoints, this natural nook will treat you to moments of intimacy and connection. Enjoy panoramic views of the city and share a special moment as the sun sets over the horizon.
Romantic dinner at abba San Sebastián
  • Conclude your day with a romantic stay at abba San Sebastián’s hotel.
  • Enjoy a unique experience in an intimate and cozy atmosphere.
May this journey through the romantic corners of Donostia be the beginning of an eternal love, weaving memories that will last throughout time, and may romance live on in every corner of this city full of history and beauty!