Barcelona's best kept romantic secrets for this Valentine's Day

Barcelona's best kept romantic secrets for this Valentine's Day

Barcelona, the city of modernism and passion, becomes the perfect setting to celebrate love on Valentine's Day.

1. Bellesguard Tower

Embark on a journey through time to the Bellesguard Tower, an architectural treasure hidden in the hills of Barcelona. Here, among medieval murals and panoramic views, you'll find a romantic retreat where past and present meet. Let yourself be carried away by the history and beauty of this place while you share special moments with your loved one.

2. Bunkers of Carmel

At the top of the hill of Turó de la Rovira, there is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered: the Bunkers of Carmel. From this secret vantage point, you'll gaze out over the Barcelona skyline bathed in sunset light, creating a dream setting for a declaration of eternal love. Embrace your loved one as the sun bids farewell to the horizon and the world is immersed in the magic of love.

3. Horta's Labyrinth

Enter the romance of Horta's Labyrinth, a place where time stands still and lovers get lost among its intricate paths. Here, every alley hides secrets to be discovered and promises of eternal love. Take your partner's hand and embark on an adventure together, exploring this labyrinth of emotions and letting love be your compass.

4. Fabra Observatory

Located at the top of Tibidabo Mountain, the Fabra Observatory invites you to contemplate the wonders of the universe with your partner. With its centuries-old telescopes and magical atmosphere, this observatory is the perfect place for a night of romance under the stars. Marvel at the beauty of the cosmos as love shines in your eyes and the night sky becomes a witness to your eternal love.

5. Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

This square is one of the most beautiful and quiet corners of the Gothic Quarter, where you can sit around the fountain and feel the history and beauty of this place. It is a perfect place to escape from the hustle in the center of the city and enjoy an intimate moment with your partner.
From the Hotel abba Balmoral, we invite you to explore these magical corners of Barcelona and celebrate love in its purest and most romantic form on Valentine's Day. May this day be full of unforgettable moments and eternal love.